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Dog Clothes Patterns: No Sewing Required!!!

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Make adorable Dog Clothes in minutes without the use of a sewing machine. The No-Sew Dog Sweater kit ebook comes with printable patterns and photographed instructions! Literally make sweaters in minutes!!!

These cozy dog sweaters a comfortable, machine washable and doesn’t get in the way of potty & playtime! USe these patterns and instructions to create a complete wardrobe for our pooch, give away as gifts or sell to make extra money!!

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Never Dress Your Dog In Clothes

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

It’s Pet Week on the Woot blog! And what better way could there be to kick it off than with this video? (Don’t answer that, actually.)

We’re busting fresh and funky rhymes about life on the streets — specifically about the high social price dogs pay when their people make them wear little jackets, or boots, or Halloween costumes.

This is on the REAL tip. Dogs were meant to rock the all-over fur look, y’all. Putting them in anything else is just an exercise in humiliation.

Now, we’re not talking about sled dogs wearing boots on the trail, or police dogs wearing Kevlar on the job, or retrievers wearing PFDs on the hunt. We’re talking about those dressed-up pugs you see in city parks whose owners probably should have gotten Cabbage Patch Kids instead.

A couple of the stills in this video came from the Eco-Pup photo stream on Flickr, and are used in accordance with their Creative Commons licenses. Eco-Pup is a Vancouver-based company that makes “luxury organic and Eco-friendly clothing and accessories for your pets,” and we’re sure they’re really nice people, even if our resident MC Saint Bernard apparently wants to start a serious beef with them.

What do you expect, though? He’s a dog; he always wants beef.

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How to make a dog hoodie

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

My dog hates to dress up but since it’s getting a bit chilly outside, I have to be a mean mother and make him put on a sweater.
I know the hood is, like, completely useless, but it looks adorable on him.

Permalink of diagram for measurements here:

(depending on your dog’s size)
about 1/8 yard of fabric
5-inch zipper (optional)

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Train Your Dog To Love Wearing Clothes

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Or Your Horse/Pony To Love Its Rug.

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